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We in the process of developing a nubmer of High Nature products, so please check back regularly for updates.

Yurt Frames

We produce hand crafted coppiced yurt frames. Each frame is unique and hand made using local ash. If you would like to order a frame, please allow 6-12 notice as harvesting the materials is seasonal.

20 foot frame - £4000
18 foot frame - £3500
16 foot frame - £3000
12 foot frame - £2000

We can also put you in contact with local canvas makers.


Here at High Nature we collect and store our own seeds. For a full list of seeds and prices please email us.

Medicinal Salads

Salad bags containing mixed leaves and medicinal herbs are available on request. We also offer a hand picked service to meet the needs of specific health conditions.

1x bag - £2.00

High Nature Rejuvenating Hand Oil

High Nature Hand Cream is made from coconut and almond oil with added calendula, lavender and geranium.

200g pot - £6.00