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Educational & Social Outreach Project - National Lottery Funded

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A Community Interest Company ‘High Nature Care Ltd’ has been set up to develop an initiative to deliver education, social outreach and environmental activities to marginalised and disadvantaged people.

The likely beneficiaries are carers (including young carers), people with physical/mental health problems, young people, children and the elderly. The project is also part of a long term initiative in the South Hams to create a network of places where people with health needs for example can choose where to go for help and health professionals can refer appropriately.

The nature of the activities are such that they can help enhance people's self-esteem, confidence, physical fitness/health, enjoyment, calmness of mind, skills, knowledge and general well-being. People will have the opportunity to fulfil their potential, addressing personal or practical issues that may otherwise limit them.

Below is a list of the activities/workshops we have on offer:

If you are interested in booking any of our workshops, please email Liz Turner our Social & Outreach Coordinator: peoplecare@high-nature.co.uk
Arts & Crafts with Naturemake

Naturemake High Nature Centre

Join us for fun and inspiring artist led Nature Craft Workshops where you will create your own magical sculptures, from the amazing and unusual materials provided. Suitable for adults and children aged 5yrs and over.

Woodland & Woodcraft

Martin Beat

Woodland and woodcraft work is a great environment for people to relate to themselves, nature and to each other. Martin has worked in this environment for the last 10 years, teaching as a woodland tutor at Ruskin Mill College in Gloucestershire, and more recently running the Sharpham Trust volunteer group near Totnes. His passion is working alongside other people and experiencing all that arises within our environment together. He works with groups of people, from local volunteers to people with mental health issues and special needs to primary school children. He runs workshops in spoon making, stool making, gate making and other woodwork.

Willow Shapes and Weaving

Spend some time with Willow enthusiast and craft basket maker James Dyson, getting to know Willow and it's wonderful bendy properties. We will spend some time looking a different types of Willows and comparing their qualities.We'll try a basic shaping technique making a simple star, then go onto make Corn Dolly's, which make lovely mobiles, and then finish with attempting a Willow platter which can be used to serve bread,fruit or again can be hung as a mobile/decoration. There is something for any level of competence between these activities and all will enjoy discovering the magic of willow.

Vinyasa Krama Yoga


Vinyasa Krama yoga, an ancient and authentic lineage of yoga that is applied to each person/group appropriately. It involves movements and postures along with breathing, helping to connect our bodies and minds and potentially having physical, mental and emotional benefits. The yoga is accessible to all and can be gentle or stronger according to your group's needs. It has elements that are calming and strengthening integrated together as needed. The aim is to have a calmer mind & body at the end!

Children's Yoga & Mindfulness

kids yoga kids yoga

A fun approach to yoga to give children an introduction to some of the postures and approaches in yoga. Includes group activities, partner exercises, games and some mindfulness. This can help children to experience some of the benefits that adults do – physical strength & flexibility, along with calmness and relaxation. Yoga can help children to have a great start in life, giving them tools they can always draw on when needed.

Wild Food, Trees and Nature Connection

wild food foraging wild food

Forage for wild food, learning safely edible leaves, roots, berries & flowers. Depending on the season sample interesting & tasty recipes - may include salads, soups, cooked berries (deserts, chutneys, fruit leathers – delicious snacks), fritters, wild teas and more. Can focus particularly on the uses of trees – edible, herbal, wood and craft. Tree/plant identification included.

The Art of Plant Identification for Foraging

tess wilmot plant identification

Would you like to be able to identifying plants so you can forage safely? This workshop will help you find creative ways to observe and get to know different plants. We will use different techniques and materials as we make friends with various plants we have harvested. We will also share what we know about the uses of the plants that we are working with so we have a holistic picture of each one. You do not need to be 'artistic' to take part. 

Deep Nature Connection

nature connect nature connect

Activities in nature designed to come into our senses and our original design. Using our body to connect with the plants, animals and their habitats to find calmness, peace and connection.

Introduction to Permaculture Design

permaculture introduction introduction permaculture

Come and find out what permaculture design is all about. Experience some of the tools and techniques, so you can apply them in your life and live a more efficient and sustainable life. Learn how we can work with nature.

Social Permaculture Design

social permaculture social permaculture

Using the principles taught by nature and a design process to manifest changes into our personal, work and social lives. Use the process to reflect on a project, work or personal issue and gain insights and breakthroughs to plan a way forward.

Environmental Story Telling

storytelling storytelling

This workshop is suitable for ages 3+. Stories are amazing tools and historically very important as a means of expression and communication. Environmental storytelling take its inspiration from the world around us. Depending on the group ages, it will consist of listening to a story and the make, using natural resources, a character from the story or from your own imagination. If time allows, then participants can further develop their creativity by forming their own story to relate to another participant, or indeed the whole group, or just make a simple story board for saving the story for a later date. Adults can get a lot from storytelling, as it can be a time to switch off from daily stresses for a little bit, and see wonder in our beautiful world again. This workshop is suitable for ages 3- 99.

Drama Games and Performance for Self-Discovery

dram self discovery dram self discovery

Step into the power of play and being witnessed. Be surprised and bring your gifts forward. Expect fun, depth and supportive connection. Work with presence, embodiment, improvisation, performance craft, writing, witnessing and being witnessed, creative expression and braking inner restrictions. This is therapeutic work through the use of drama games, play and improvisation. It fosters a sense of belonging and being seen in our uniqueness. It can help to create distance from our challenging story and see it more as a mythical adventure, that helped us develop our special gifts.

Holistic Yoga

yoga ina yoga ina

We warm up with Preliminary Exersises and a series of Sun Salutations. This is followed by a Balanced Asana Sequence.  You will experience postures (Asanas) which mobilise and tone your body in a flow of movement.You learn to tune into your body and mind to help release tension, clean your energy channels and free yourself of negative thoughts. You will hear and feel the connection between the eastern and western world. Finally you will be guided into a relaxation where your body reaches the end of suffering. The aim of the workshop is for you to get a better understanding of the importance of movement in connection with your breath, keeping your body and mind united in your daily life activities. Suitable for complete beginners and the more experienced.

Radiance Yoga; Breathwork, Mindfulness & Yoga for the 21st Century

yoga steph bailey yoga steph bailey

Modern life poses many challenges and even more so in these times of fast information, instant communication and 24 hours news; how do we keep up, keep going and keep resilient? Using ancient but simple techniques, through yoga, breathwork and meditation we will explore how to access the body's power of self healing. By regulating breath in specific ways and working with the body in certain positions we are able to control the body's 'fight, flight or freeze' responses and bring about a sense of calm and expansion. By using these simple breathing practices at home or in any situation, we have the tools to return to the present moment and calm the body and mind - in any situation. Steph brings a passion, humour and a loving heart to her sessions and serves both client groups and individuals.

Earth Song Circle - Singing

singing singing

Gather round with like-minded folk to sing beautiful, simple chants, rounds and songs of nature and the earth. A joyful and nourishing experience and a great way to connect with your family and friends. All welcome, including children. Previous participants have said that the uplifting, heart-warming songs have enhanced their daily lives as they have sung them with their children for weeks afterwards.