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The Tunnels at High Nature continue to change and develop on a daily basis. Originally erected for growing flowers more than 20 years ago, their agricultural use continued to provide livlihoods for numerous local people over the years. There are currently six 30m tunnels in use, although only five are covered with polythene at present, three of these are being used to grow food for project workers and visitors, including salads, herbs, vegetables, fruit and some flowers. One frame has been converted for poultry and solar showers, and another was planted with soft fruit by the previous tenant.

Although the agricultural use still continues throughout parts of the tunnels, their use has steadily become more multi-functional over the last 8 years, accomodating additional educational, rural business and tourism activities. The aim is to continue adapting the tunnels to provide local artisans and crafts people the opportunity to set up art studios and workshops to develop their own rural enterprises.

Current progress 2020 - 2021...

Tunnel 1: Open Space for Indoor Activities/ Food Growing

Tunnel 2: Educational Space, Plant Nursary & Food Growing

Tunnel 3: Wood Store & Site Maintanence Workshop

Tunnel 4: Under development / Solar Showers

Tunnel 5: Lounge, Yoga, Games & Educational Activities

Tunnel 6: Soft Fruit, Outdoor Play Area