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Roundhouse High Nature Centre

About the Roundhouse

Temporary planning permission was granted in 2012 to construct the central hub for all operations here at the Centre. An application for ermanent permission was submitted in December 2017 to enable the dream to become a reality. Permanent permission was granted on June 6th 2018 so this amazing project can now move forwards.

Based on an iron age celtic roundhouse, the High Nature Roundhouse design is of low-impact construction and appropriate scale for the 5 acre site and its use as a multi-functional building. Natural materials will be employed in the building of the roundhouse. The building will be timber framed with walls constructed from stone, cord wood, and straw bales with a lime render. The building will be provided with a living green roof. The design enables the building to be constructed in stages if neccessary.

Roundhouse High Nature Centre

The roundhouse will be positioned in an improved landscape setting that enhances the natural beauty of the area. The roundhouse has been designed and positioned to minimise the visual impact on the surrounding landscape, whilst at the same time creating a central focus for the site.

The siting of the roundhouse takes advantage of energy efficiency through solar gain on the south elevation and a cooling effect on the north elevation. It will be sheltered by an existing hedge bank and will occupy the least obtrusive location within the whole of the application site.
Roundhouse High Nature Centre
The roundhouse will provide the following necessary facilities: office facilities (including internet access), kitchen and washing facilities for project workers and volunteers, visitor information (including trails & AONB maps), light refreshments, reference books, a quiet meeting room which could also be used as an art gallery (for resident artists to show their work), and cool and dry storage space for seeds, vegetables and tools. The roundhouse will also provide an all-weather reception space for those arriving to stay in the yurt camp, somewhere for them to store valuable items, and a place to retreat to during severe weather conditions.

The construction of the building will be in stages and will incorporate 4 short courses, dates and prices TBC:

- Timber Framing (in the round)
- Straw Bailing
- Green Roofing
- Interior Walls, Cob & Lime Rendering

The Herb Garden
The Herb Garden