Self-reliance and responsibility towards the greater community

People Care & Social Outreach

In 2017 a small group of local women set up a Community Interest Company called ‘High Nature Care Ltd’ and launched an initiative to deliver education, social outreach and environmental activities to marginalised and disadvantaged people.  

The beneficiaries include carers (including young carers), people with physical/mental health problems, young people, children and the elderly.  The community groups benefit by gaining access to the countryside and participating in nature-based educational and health benefiting activities.

The project is also part of a long-term initiative in the South Hams to create a network of places where people with health needs for example can choose where to go for help and health professionals can refer appropriately.

The nature of the activities are such that they can help enhance people’s self-esteem, confidence, physical fitness/health, enjoyment, calmness of mind, skills, knowledge and general well-being. People will have the opportunity to fulfil their potential, addressing personal or practical issues that may otherwise limit them.

You can find a list of the current workshops here.

If you are interested in booking any of our workshops, please email our Educational Social & Outreach Coordinator:

Our partners

Over the years we have worked with various community groups, organisations and charities including:

Lifeworks: Learning Disability Champions – ‘We provide care, further education and recreational activities to help children and young people with learning disabilities to have great lives.’

SASHA: Support, Advice, Safety, Health & Aid – ‘SASHA is here to offer support to women who are experiencing or have experienced domestic abuse and /or violence.

Torbay Young Carers: support, advice and signposting for young carers – ‘When a young carer is referred to us we will contact them and arrange to meet with them to discuss their needs and develop a support plan.’

Kids Matter Programmes: Kids Matter engages local churches to equip parents and carers facing disadvantages with confidence, competence and community, enabling their children to thrive.

‘Our programmes run in the heart of local communities or in prisons, connecting parents and carers in small groups, encouraging new friendships and strengthening family relationships.’

Devon Young Carers: Devon County Council commissions Devon Carers to assess and support the needs of young carers aged up to 18 years old in Devon.  Devon Young Carers provides information, advice and support for young carers living in the Devon County Council area or caring for someone living in the Devon County Council area.

Education Otherwise: Raising public awareness that education is compulsory, but school is not –  ‘Our aim is to support and promote parents’ rights to provide their children with the best education for each of them, as individuals.’