Dining Event - Saturday August 24th 2022

We invite you to dine with us either alfresco in our magical sunset meadow (if the weather allows) or inside our awesome atmospheric dining tunnel.  You will be served 4 nutritious courses with each course including ingredients lovingly foraged from the High Nature kitchen gardens.

About Us High Nature Care CIC
Our mission is to make healthy, seasonal, local, foraged food affordable and accessible to all. Our 4 Course ‘Seed to Plate’ Dining Events start at £15 per adult, and £5 per child which covers our costs. If you would like to pay more then please do as this will enable our social enterprise to develop and be inclusive to all. If you are interested in supporting our social enterprise further then please feel free to get in contact.

BYO Drinks
Recycling / Corkage Charge: £3 per adult

Deposit will be requested once our minimum bookings is reached.  You will receive a payment request link via email or you are welcome to drop in and pay cash.

Reserve your place

    Would you like a private table (only your party), or a social/group table (shared table with other guests):

    Please let us know of any dietary requirements (allergies/intolerances) in your party: