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Our Field Kitchen

‘The most sustainable diet for the planet revolves around the story from ‘seed-to-table’ of each ingredient you eat. A story which is less about what you eat, and more about how what you eat is grown.’ – Holly Rose

In 2020 we finally launched our field kitchen after many years of talking about it.  Due to the additional demand for outside eating services during the pandemic, we jumped at the opportunity to share our delicious seasonally foraged culinary creations with our guests and the public.

We appreciate and understand that when you protect and regenerate the soil you not only produce nutritious healthy food, but protect land from flooding and drought, and also protect all life forms above and below ground.  Much of what we serve is grown here at High Nature by our staff and volunteers.  There is nothing more delicious and satisfying than freshly picked produce with a low-carbon footprint.  We also source organic fresh produce from local farms and small producers, and purchase our dried whole foods from The Essential Trading Co-operative.

The menu for our Alfresco Dining Events changes weekly as our chefs love to experiment with new ideas and forage for ripe produce (preferably within walking distance from the kitchen).  Our Take Away Lunches are seasonal and health focused.  We make our own cordials, kombuchas and can tailor make our smoothies to your specific health needs.  High Nature Smoothies are allergen friendly, packed with powerful ingredients, high in protein, low in sugar and taste amazing!

Our field kitchen aims to support regenerative food systems whenever possible.  We are actively developing relationships with a growing list of regenerative farmers here in the UK.

You can read about Essential Trading’s values here.

We look forward to serving you our delicious healthy regenerative seasonal creations!

Healthy soil = healthy people = healthy planet!

Private Dining & Breakfast in Bed

High Nature offers private dining events, and breakfast in bed (for our yurt campers). If you're interested please get in touch with the team, and we'll be happy to accommodate.

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