Activities, Workshops, Tours & Courses

Below is a list of our current activities, workshops, tours and courses on offer.  We usually offer a program of activities during the peak summer season, however some of our workshop leaders and teachers will also take private solo and/or group bookings.  Please feel free to contact them directly and they will contact us to book one of our workshop spaces here at High Nature.

High Nature Permaculture Design Course: 5th -20th June 2024
Camping / glamping, with non-residential option

If you are looking to make significant positive changes in your life, then the permaculture design course will almost certainly help you. This practical course provides you with a broad introduction to the applications of permaculture in a number of different situations, from food production to community structures, and alternative currencies to eco-housing. The course culminates in the main design activity that helps to consolidate all of the learning and empower you to take permaculture back into your home, life and community.

We will be using practical, experiential and theoretical teaching methods to create a fun, lively and inclusive experience. In addition to traditional lecture-style teaching, we use group work, discussions, observation exercises, guided walks, practical activities, videos, and slide shows as learning methods. These are supportive of different learning styles and for people with learning difficulties. We also visit projects where permaculture theory is being put into action.

As a group we will benefit from collaborative learning and from spending time together. We don’t expect any previous knowledge and recognise that everyone has their own unique skills, knowledge and areas of interest to bring to the course.

This course is for anyone who believes that we need to find ways to better care for ourselves, for each other and for the Earth.

During the course we’ll also be visiting other projects where permaculture thinking is being put into action. Planned visits include Martin Crawford’s flagship cool temperate forest garden, Huxham’s Cross biodynamic farm and Landmatters off-grid community.

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An experiential look into vitality. Focusing on mind, movement and senses. The workshop will include meditation, yoga, wine tasting paired with a light nutritious meal.

Contact: Abi Jones


This workshop lets you create your own yarn from material rounds your home. You can either create yarn from everyday material or more personal materials that have sentimental values.

We will create a loom, teach you how to string it and create your own round weaving. This can be used for everyday use or for decorative purposes.

Contact: Kayley Porter


An interactive workshop for beginners or people already familiar with the permaculture design process. We will use the tools of permaculture to enhance a personal or social issue or project.

Contact: Klaudia VanGool 


Accessible and adapted for different groups including children’s yoga and those with differing needs. Vinyasa Krama yoga is mindful movements with breath and includes relaxation, useful breathing exercises and can include meditation.

Contact: Liz Turner


Basic intro to ayurveda and working out your Dosha – current constitution and adapting diet/lifestyle to support this. 

Contact: Liz Turner


Plant identification – trees, hedgerow plants, wild flowers. Foraging for leaves, flowers, roots, berries, nuts (depending on what is on site). Including making simple recipes over the fire or in the kitchen. Can also do Seaweed foraging at East Prawle.

Contact: Liz Turner


Martin Beat is a woodsman and craftsman offering many woodwork project, both traditional or using modern tools. Previously he has taught spoon making, stool making, phone holder making.  He alsos teaches firemaking skills using flint and steel, and branding wooden items using copper wire heated in the fire. He has been working with young people through the Torbay Youth Trust recently, working around a fire is a wonderful space for young people and adults to enjoy social interaction in a family relaxed environment.

Contact: Martin Beat 


Making simple felt pictures using a wet felted method.

Using sound therapy or visualisation to get into your creative zone, then planning your picture and using the provided fleece , a bit of soap water and friction to create your simple bespoke design.

Contact: Moira Laidlaw


The participant will be offered the experience of a combination of all 3 Therapies.

An example of the range of activities would be:  Yoga that would be adapted to suit the participants physical, mental, emotional abilities and needs.

Nature based creative activities such as elder bead making, earth painting, whittling, felting, leaf printing and wild weaving. 


Sensory Activities on offer include:

  • Blindfold Drum Stalk
  • Fire in the Forest
  • Run Rabbit Run
  • Predator Prey
  • Stick Drag Game
  • Meet a Tree

Mindfulness practises are incorporated within the Yoga and Nature based activities.

Contact: Pippa Griffin 


The songs will be themed according to the time of year.

Come and gather round with like-minded folk to sing beautiful chants, rounds, ballads and harmony songs, celebrating the earth and seasons.

These workshops are a joyful and nourishing experience, and a great way to connect with your family and friends. All are welcome, including children. No singing experience is needed.

Participants of Selena’s previous workshops have said that the uplifting, heart-warming songs have enhanced their daily lives as they’ve sung them for weeks afterwards.

Contact: Selena Mara 


This is therapeutic work that uses play, mindfulness, movement, storytelling and improvisation. 

It fosters a sense of belonging, creativity and breaking inner restrictions. It can help to create distance from our challenging story and see it more as a mythical adventure, that helped us develop our special gifts. Expect fun, depth and supportive connection.

Contact: Agata Krajewska


Workshop 1. Half day: Introduction to willow weaving. Making simple woven items, e.g. stars, fish.

Workshop 2. Full day: More in depth introduction to willow. Coils and woven platters.

Workshop 3. 2 day Workshop: Frame basket making Depending on age, ability and limited group number. (10yrs and up and a group of 6-8 with 1:2 responsible adult present)  .

Workshop 4. Full day. In Spring I can do willow bark harvesting, cordage,possibly some bark basket making if time and competence allows.

Winter 2 days. Willow workers workshop.  Harvesting and bundling willow. And making some objects during the subsequent visit. 

Contact: James Dyson